Mini-Riders (Children 3-5 years old) 30 minutes         Dhs 1,500

Children      A1-A3 Level Riders  30 minutes                Dhs 1,700

Children      B1-B3 Level Riders 45 minutes                 Dhs 1,900

Adult    45 minutes                                                           Dhs 1,900

Private Lesson 30 minutes                                             Dhs 2,400

Private Lesson 45 minutes                                             Dhs 2,600

Semi-Private Lesson 30 minutes                                   Dhs 2,100

Semi-Private Lesson 45 minutes                                   Dhs 2,300

Lessons are sold in 10 lesson packages, which must be used within a 12 week period from time of purchase. Group lessons are for up to seven riders in one group. All packages are subject to a one off Registration Fee of 200 Dirhams.

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