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Health & Safety

Here at Sustainable City Equestrian Club, your health and safety are of utmost importance to us. We have all endeared troublesome times over the past few months and certainly children more so with no play and being at home. We understand that its important for a child physically and mentally to be not only in the open air but to be in social environments. 

At Sustainable City Equestrian Club, we have covered every aspect of sanitisation and cleanliness to not only adhere to the government's requirements and to give you our clients peace of mind. 

When you arrive at the club, you will see our sanitisation stations around the facility, and we ask that you are proactive in using them at any given moment after touching a surface. We also require that you all wear masks at all times not only to protect yourself but also others, and finally to keep your distance of 2 meters as the specified requirement.

Remember the three mains words! HANDS, FACE & SPACE.

What else are we doing to ensure the safety of you and your family members?

  • The stables are sanitised morning and night on a schedule without fail.

  • Sanitising stations are available around the venue.

  • Tack is sprayed with sanitiser before each lesson ( reins & saddle areas )

  • The office is scrupulously cleaned and sprayed on a daily basis.

  • All instructors & grooms wear face masks.

For further details or if you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us and speak to any of our staff

Mary & Ann will be sure to help you. 


Call - +971 4 557 6611

WhatsApp - +971 50 358 6290 

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